The development of the CASPAR Center is closely linked with five parks (the Danube Park, Tikvara, Sonsbeek, Goffert and Kamenica Park), i.e.the three geographical points: Novi Sad, Backa Palanka and the Netherlands.


In 1999, after a few "ecological" walks with the primary-school kids in the Danube Park, Zoran Novakovic (the founder of the Center), came upon an idea how the immediate surrounding can be used in educating children. This idea resulted in a "Guidebook to Danube Park" (the book that has had two Serbian editions and an English one so far, and it has been actively used in Novi Sad as a handbook for working with children).

In this way, the initial concept was born and the staff nucleus for the future Center for education of children in nature attracted to join in.  

1. Video presentation of the Book

2. TV presentation of the Book

3. Novi Sad parklands - TV interview


Between 1999 and 2004, the creative ecological workshops were organized and started within the program of the Kids Ecological Theatre Festival in Backa Palanka by the future members of the CASPAR Center. In this way, ORDINARY EXTRAORDINARY WALK concept was tested in practice. The said workshops held in the Tikvara Nature Park were recorded on film tapes.  





       The Snake     The Amulet     The Tree     The Hedgehog    The Snail



In 2003, some members of the future Center had visited the Netherlands where they learned about some new approaches in educating kids on ecology and got acquainted with people who were ready for collaboration (this was a driving impulse for founding the Center in 2004 and for selecting its name). As a result of this collaboration, the Caspar Foundation was initiated in the Netherlands in 2005 and it has since played a crucial role in achieving the goals of the Center.


Influenced by some experiences from the Netherlands, we have come to understand that the Kamenica Park is an ideal place for carrying out our ideas and that kids living in the Children’s Village, situated at the brink of this park, are ideal for testing our concept in practice.






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