What do we consider a new quality achieved on the basis of our past activities with children?



1. The education of children was expanded to those scientific areas and to creative and  

    practical skills and abilities that had been neglected when working with children in  


2. We have developed an original method of ecological research in nature (analysis and

    evaluation of the state of ecological factors within a certain locality).

3. We have introduced and applied new approaches in creating and using the natural

    science-based collections („tale-telling collections“).

4. We have created an experimental classroom enabling interdisciplinary and multimedia

    transfer of knowledge onto children.

5. We have managed to make active connections between children and nearby localities

    where our instructions take place (between the SOS children and the Kamenica Park).

6. We successfuly involve kids having certain development impediments into our activities.

7. The children showing exceptional talents in their work, are entitled to co-operate

    together with the Center`s instructors in teaching other kids ("junior-instructors").

8. We have created the „Ecology Road“, first open-air ecological classroom in Novi Sad  

    and most probably also in Serbia.


                                                                             Petar Kokanovic (aged 13), a boy-instructor  




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