By its size, age, natural and cultural values the Kamenica Park is the most important park of Novi Sad as well as one of the most representative parks in Serbia. By many of its characteristics its also specific on the European level.

Website the GREEN BOOK OF KAMENICA PARK has presented a database on this unique natural and cultural entity. It has included (in the main menu) information on Park’s geography, history and ecology along with the introducing and concluding sections. The history has been devided into four sections: before the park, count’s park, people’s park and today’s park. The ecology section has presented all environmental factors of the Park such as: terrain configuration, air and climate, soil, water, plants, animals, mushrooms and influnces by humans. Most of the data presented in this site are now publicly shown for the first time ever.

In compiling this site, archives materials and the available publications on the Park have been used, whereas the major part of information resulted in targeted terrain researching. The database was made by the CASPAR Center’s members assisted by their external collaborators. The process was initiated in summer 2003, it was intensified during 2007 through 2008 and it will be continued for a few more years. The precious assistance in collecting these data was extended by the children of the SOS Village and the citizens of Sremska Kamenica.




Aims of the „Green Book“ Project

1. Database formation on ecological factors of the Kamenica Park as a basis for the quality use of this area for ecological education of children.

2. Public awareness raising about Kamenica Park as an ideal place for education.

Development of arguments for an adequate protection of the Park and its adaptation to the educational function.

3. Creation of a behaviour model of the community towards nature and its immediate surrounding that other local communities in the region can also apply.










Making of the GREEN BOOK





Future of Kamenica Park ?






Project sponsor



Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgrade


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